Essex WiFi, About Us


We are Essex WiFi, and welcome to our about us page. Though we have not been using the Essex WiFi brand for as long our sister company APC Solutions, our dedication to professional practice and customer service is second to none. We are proud providers of rural home broadband, industrial business broadband and superfast broadband solutions! Our service is completely exclusive to homes and businesses within the Essex area. We are proud to be able to provide families and businesses in Essex with our highly modernised internet service packages. At Essex WiFi we believe that a local problem calls for a local solution.

One of the main motivators for us setting up shop was that we knew just how badly let down the area had been in the past. We have heard a great number of stories, including but not limited to packages being sold at 30 Mbps whereas in reality they would never exceed 5 Mbps. We have heard just how lacking the infrastructure of other companies is, and how it is entirely insufficient in serving the area of Essex, especially in the rural areas. We have heard that the people of Essex have been longing for superfast broadband that is reliable, strong and useable. We listened, and here we are.

As a sister company of APC Solutions, we have a combined internet service delivery experience of over 20 years. This allows us to operate as an entirely unique entity with our own network, our own infrastructure and our own way of doing things which is completely customer-centric.

All of our services have been designed to address a specific need that we have identified through highly targeted research. We want you to choose us as your internet service provider because we are passionate about creating a rural broadband solution or a business WiFi solution that works for your family and for your customers. We are going to be the best internet service provider in Essex, and we want you to be a part of that journey.


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