Who are Essex WiFi?

Essex WiFi are a brand of APC Solutions UK Ltd who are focused on delivering tech services and products by locals for locals, APC Solutions has been around for nearly 20 years and has many large and small clients nationwide, Essex WiFi is our way of focusing on the local community we operate from.   

I cant get fibre (FTTC) services so how is your connection going to work at superfast speeds?

We don’t use underground or overhead copper cables, we use high speed microwave radio so the fact you have been told you cant get fibre doesn’t impact whether you can receive our service.

That sounds great but doesn’t the signal drop when we get bad weather?

No, the technology we use is not impacted whatsoever by weather.

We have lots of trees around our property will they affect the signal?

In extreme cases it’s possible for trees to affect signal but this is highly unlikely. 

I can’t see my postcode on your coverage map, what should I do?

Don’t panic! We are always updating our coverage, installing new infrastructure and spreading our signals. If you would like to speed up this process the best thing to do would be to follow this link to register your interest in our services and we’ll get to you as soon as we can! 

How long would it take to install and what is the size of the antenna?

It takes a few hours to install a service and this can be installed typically within 14 days from order, the size of the antenna is determined by physical and environmental factors but they range from a small 200mm x 100mm square dish to round 470mm diameter dish (Sky dish size).

Do I get an email address?

No we do not currently provide email services, its internet access only.

Can I use my existing router?

Yes, but your router must have an Ethernet WAN (not ADSL) port to work with our service.

I have a Satelite TV bundle with a phone line and broadband included, can this solution still work for me?

As mentioned above you don’t need the phone line or the broadband bundle, as for the Satelite package your options are: 1, Revert back to just a satellite viewing package or 2, Move to one of the many TV streaming services available (like NOW TV, Netflix) and the best news is that with superfast internet you won’t get buffering.

Do I get a public IP address and is it static?

Unless you’re on a dedicated business Gold package or Silver this is not included in the standard packages for homes and businesses, however this can be added on for an additional cost.  Without it you are assigned one of our internal IP addresses which is fine for most users but if you need to route traffic to your network from the internet you may require a public static IP address.

Right, I am happy this method of getting internet will work for us and it will be reliable but does this mean I can save money on my phone line?

Absolutely, you can get VoIP/SIP services which are basically phones that work over the internet not the phone line, they complement a wireless internet service perfectly, speak to us about the options.

What is a contention ratio?

A Contention ratio is the amount of other users potentially sharing your connection speed, you won’t see it advertised on the traditional internet service providers offers but it will exist and it can explain why you don’t receive the maximum speed stated all of the time. We are open and honest about this ratio, domestic packages have a higher contention ratio than the business packages therefore you can expect to receive the maximum stated speeds more often on the business packages than on the residential packages. Dedicated leased line type packages have no such sharing or contention therefore the speeds are consistent and with a SLA but are more expensive.