Backup Connectivity For When You Need It Most


Backup Connectivity: Your Safety Net


Have you ever worried about what might happen if your business loses its internet connection for a few days or even a few weeks? Worry no more. We have backup connectivity that has been designed to be your safety net. If you’re using VoIP, email via Office 365, cloud hosted file storage like Dropbox, applications in the cloud like Xero or a CRM package without a backup internet connection then your businesses critical services are at risk. In an ideal world you would just install another phone line and/or an extra dedicated internet connection using either wireless or a fibre line. For a very large number of companies this just isn’t an option. It can be both extremely expensive and/or a logistical nightmare.

So, how do Essex WiFi solve this problem? It’s simple. We can package up a Superfast (30Mbps) pay as you go service which only incurs a charge when you need to use it. You will not be billed for this service until you download your first Gigabyte of data! This way, your outgoing costs are entirely removed and you can use our system as a backup that is always on, and always ready to go when your internet goes down. We use our high capacity and low latency privately owned microwave radio network to deliver the service so you do not have to worry about cables, in the event of an on site internet outage, our service will be uninterrupted. We are therefore able to circumnavigate your primary connection whilst providing you with a robust and reliable backup connection.

    • Initial Setup Charge: £945 
    • £2 per GB for the first 50 GB and just £0.75p for each GB thereafter, (this is reset every month so if you use 50GB in a month the following month it will be back to zero)
    • Note: This is a flexible service. If you know that your outage will last a lot longer than one day or one week then we can also offer you a month by month package which is unmetered and is able to provide you with an unlimited download allowance. This would be a fixed amount per month depending on the capacity of connection required.  

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