Superfast Broadband For Your Home




Here at Essex WiFi we are committed to bringing you and your family better internet connectivity and reliable rural broadband. We know that superfast rural broadband is hard to come by and is therefore a vital piece of the happy-home puzzle. We believe that location should not determine your broadband speed. If you want rural broadband in Essex then you have come to the right place! So whether you live deep in the heart of the county or are in the city struggling for fibre broadband speed that can live up to its reputation, Essex WiFi are here to provide you with the broadband you deserve. We specialize in superfast rural broadband as well as county based non fibre options (no line rental required!) Upgrade today!


Essex WiFi have a range of broadband packages designed to suit every home. We are also able to tailor make our broadband packages so that rural, county and city based homes can share in a strong and consistent broadband speed. We aim to provide all of our customers with superfast broadband – don’t settle for less!


Rural broadband is a specialty of ours here at Essex WiFi. We do not rely on fibre cables and as such are able to bring our services to a diverse and far-reaching range of homes – without sacrificing broadband speed! Are you currently looking for superfast rural broadband? We are bringing rural broadband to Essex – Get in touch today! 


Superfast broadband is important. Here at Essex WiFi we understand how important superfast rural broadband is especially, and how important a strong broadband speed is! We do not rely on fibre WiFi or fibre based county broadband solutions and this is why our service is both consistent and capable. We are wireless. 

    • 120Gb data allowance
    • 20Mbps download 5Mbps upload
    • 72 hour onsite fault response time
    • Installation and activation from £179
    • 500Gb data allowance
    • 30Mbps download 15Mbps upload
    • 72 hour onsite fault response time
    • Installation and activation from £179
    • Unlimited data allowance
    • 60Mbps download 20 Mbps upload
    • 72 hour onsite fault response time
    • Installation and activation from £179
    • 100Gb for £14
    • 200GB for £19
    • Single VoIP License £17.40 per month – Use your existing phone and number without a phone line.

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