Essex WiFi: Bringing You Better Broadband

The average U.K home uses an amazing amount of data a week. Our own data analysis indicates an eye watering 40Gb a week to be exact; that’s a lot of eBay. Our love of data-centric devices really has skyrocketed in recent years. The U.S managed to munch through 10,000,000,000,000 (TEN TRILLION) megabytes of data in 2015 alone. This shows just how important data is – and how much we use it! Whether it’s streaming Netflix or gaming online, your data plan undeniably defines what you can and can’t do. We here at Essex WiFi understand what a massive role data plays in our everyday lives, and as such we compiled and we collated until our heads started to hurt! The offshoot of this is that we now have a comprehensive range of residential WiFi packages and residential broadband packages that have been specifically designed with your household in mind!

Thankfully, broadband speeds are (and have been for a long time now) rising in line with data usage. The average broadband speed of a U.K household was 28.9Mbit/s in November 2015, this figure is up 10.2Mbit/s from October 2014. The former figure isn’t bad. The latter is depressing obviously but let’s not dwell on the past. We’ll have to wait until the end of this year for the most up-to-date figures, but we’re certain that they’ll be on the rise again. Our analysts felt a disturbance in the force…interesting.

If you or your family are languishing in the swamp that is below average internet speeds, then we would urge you to not settle for the sub-par! Reach for the stars, or take the easy way around and check out our new shiny website! So shiny…

And now a figure that’ll shock you: 19% of homes in the United Kingdom don’t have a broadband connection! 4,000,000 homes without Orange is the New Black. It brings a tear to our eye. Our mission is simple. To bring internet connectivity to as many homes as we can. Whether you’re out in the sticks or in the heart of the city, Essex WiFi are bringing residential WiFi and residential broadband to devices near you!


So what package is best for you and your home?


Well, it depends on who’s in your home and what devices they use. Our bronze broadband package is ideal for the light internet user. If you have, for example, a desktop PC and a tablet then 120GB will allow you to surf the web and game online with data to spare at the end of the month!

With a silver package you get over 4 TIMES the amount of data for only £9 more a month. No brainer? We think so too. If there are 2 or 3 people in your home; two parents and a child for example, then our silver package is your safest bet.

And now onto our pièces de ré·sis·tance! The gold package. With unlimited data usage (and by unlimited we actually do MEAN unlimited) this has been designed with the larger family in mind. If you’ve got two teens who love online gaming + a Dad who’s tech savvy then you’ll find unlimited joy in this unlimited data package! With rapid speeds – upload and download – Essex WiFi guarantee gold package satisfaction. It is also worth noting that our gold package is perfect for all big time internet users, regardless of who or where you are.

We’ve only just scratched the surface with this blog. There is a lot to tell and a lot to talk about when it comes to residential connectivity! Essex WiFi are committed to bringing the internet to all – especially if your internet is currently below the national average. We are a local business run by local people and we understand how important efficient internet connectivity is! Nobody likes having The Walking Dead SPOILED by FACEBOOK!!… Sorry season 6 flashback…